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No Way But Forward. Go.

Reflections from June 2nd.

Before I knew what was happening I heard the HELICOPTERS flying above and the SIRENS blaring past my apartments. I felt so unnerved. “Here it goes again,” I thought as I braced myself for another night of ANXIETY provoking low flying helicopters. It’s been 3 or 4 nights of this (not exactly sure because the days bleed into each other at this point). 🩸

But this time something felt DIFFERENT. More helicopters, louder sounds, FDT song in the background (homage to Nipsey Hustle). It was over an hour of this. CONSTANTLY. I started to feel a sense of doom about what might be happening outside. The DOOM was looming with each sound but what made it worse was that I couldn’t see on the other side. 😳

I reached out to friends to process and received this video of what was actually happening (thanks Fe Fisher) - PROTESTORS outside of the mayor's home (after curfew). I felt a sense of PRIDE. I was humbled and honored by the people who would put their body on the line for racial and social JUSTICE. I felt it deeply. So DEEPLY I wept. ❤️

This week and really the past few weeks/months have been such a whirlwind of EMOTIONS. And they all culminated into this moment. I felt relieved to know that on the other side of doom were BRAVE souls willing to risk their own safety to stand in SOLIDARITY for the safety of others. It was powerful. It is POWERFUL to watch protests all over the world. And for it to happen in my own backyard I felt incredibly GRATEFUL. 🙏🏽

We all have a part in this MOVEMENT. This revolution for racial equality, economic justice, human rights. For social justice. For the past few days those helicopters have disturbed my peace each night. But that’s exactly the point. The peace needs to be DISTURBED until we we do right by the less of us. I welcome it if it means CHANGE is on the horizon. 🌈

I know we have a long ways to go and it's scary not knowing what’s on the other side. But I refuse to give up HOPE. No. Not after what I’ve seen this last week. People across the world standing up for what is right. For my people. To say BLACK LIVES MATTER. To demand an end to police brutality and racial injustice. I will not give up. Not after I just witnessed this amazing act of civil disobedience. This can’t be the end of this. We’ve come too far. Sacrificed too much. And we can’t turn back. There’s no way but FORWARD. We all have our part in affecting change. Whatever your role - take it up. Now. Step on the gas and GO! ✊🏽

In Solidarity,

Dr. Akilah

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